7 Grilling Habits You Need to Break


Grilling is one of those cooking methods that is a lot of fun and is healthy in many ways. The important thing is that there is not much oil involved in the grilling process. Grilling can be done with either charcoal or gas.

Even though there are a lot of advantages in grilling, it also has some risks. One needs to be very careful while he or she is indulging in the grilling process. A small distraction is all it takes that will result in very bad things. In this article, we will see some of the common habits that one should avoid while grilling.

Not cleaning the grill

Cleaning the grill is not just about making it shiny. We all know that there are a lot of health issues involved in it. It should be either cleaned before the grilling process, or it should be cleaned when the grilling is finished. If not the sediments will be cooked along with the food and it is definitely not a good thing to consume. Make use of hard metal brushes to get rid of the things that are stuck on the grill. If it is too sticky dip the grill in lemon and hot water mix leave for some time and them clean it.

Using lighter fluid

We all know what the purpose of lighter fluid is and it is not supposed to be used for cooking. Leaving aside the health part the food will really taste bad. Kerosene which is the main ingredient of lighter fluid will easily penetrate into the food that is grilled. Hence it is not advisable to use lighter fluid.

Leaving the lid open

It is one of the common mistakes that people do while they are grilling. They tend to leave the lid open. That is not how things should work. While grilling food like meat and hit dogs it is important to close the grill. It is because the grill acts like an oven if closed. It will give a better taste and flavor to the food.

Cold food grilling

The main concept of grilling is to cook food faster. But if you are keeping the cold food, it is obviously going to take a lot of time. It is because the ice needs to melt first and then the grilling process starts. So what you need to do is keep the meat out of the fridge a few hours before grilling.

Adding early sugary marinades

It is good to put sauce or some sugary marinades too early as it will burn the food that is being grilled. It will end up creating a huge mess. The food will be totally burnt outside and will not be properly cooked inside. So make it a point to add them in the last stages of the grilling process.

Charcoal positioning


One of the basic things that you need to know before grilling is charcoal positioning. You need to position it properly as it should not be disturbed after the grilling starts. Make sure that you position them on one side of the grill which will be the hot area and the other left out part is the cool area. By doing this, you can grill meat like stuff on one part and vegetables on the other part.

Adding a lot of things at the same time

We know that you are so interested in eating these delicious grilled foods. But that is not an excuse for you to add a lot of things at the same time. Make sure that you add the limited number of items in both the hot area and cool area. By doing this, the food will be properly cooked, and you will be able to relish every bite of it.


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